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    Switzerland - Lucerne
         Fields of green and gold...
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    Italy - Abruzzo
         hills, countryside and the sea...
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    Italy - Pescoluse (Lecce)
         crystal clear sea, fine white sand ..."The Maldives of Salento" ...
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    Italy - Otranto (Lecce)
         flowers, crystal clear water the whiteness of the houses...
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    Switzerland - Lugano
         "The pearl in the center of Europe"

Svizzera Ticino - Blenio

Holiday house for rent PLACE: Ticino - Blenio

Dangio-Blenio-Switzerland holiday house immersed in the green prealpine mountains. [..]

from CHF 600 week (CHF)

Svizzera Ticino - Pura

Ticino holidays - Holiday apartment PLACE: Ticino - Pura

Bright holiday apartment on the ground floor, all comfort, 7 km. from Lugano, 3 km from the lake and services. [..]

from CHF 396 week (CHF)

Italia Puglia - Salve

Apulia Puglia holidays - Holiday Luxury Villa-house for rent in Pescoluse PLACE: Puglia - Salve

Puglia-Pescoluse,for rent fabulous holiday villa-house just a few meters of the sea and beautiful the Salento beaches in quiet are [..]

from € 720 week (EUR)

Italia Toscana - Palaia

Tuscany Toscana holidays - Exclusive luxury holiday villa in Tuscany PLACE: Toscana - Palaia

Tuscany-Palaia, Exclusive holiday villa in the romantic Tuscan hills, a short distance from the world renowned and features art ci [..]

from € 3.125 week (EUR)

Italia Puglia - Martignano

Apulia Puglia holiday - holiday house for rent in Martignano PLACE: Puglia - Martignano

Puglia-Martignano, holiday home in the countryside, near the Adriatic and Ionian beaches, sun, relaxation and comfort assured. [..]

from € 494 week (EUR)

Italia Puglia - Manduria

Apulia Puglia holidays-holiday house for rent in Marittima di Manduria PLACE: Puglia - Manduria

Puglia-Manduria, holiday home within walking distance from the sea and white beaches of Salento, with panoramic views and outdoor [..]

from € 420 week (EUR)

Properties for sale

Last arrivals

Villa Lombardia - Assago
Rif. Villa Assago NICA
for sale

Assago (MI) Villa - Lombardia

In Assago independent villa with garden, garage, quiet and sunny area, for sale [..]

€ 800.000 (EUR)

Two Room Apartment Lombardia - Lanzo d'Intelvi
Rif. Rori Lanzo D'Intelvi
for sale

Lanzo d'Intelvi (CO) Two Room Apartment - Lombardia

Comfortable two-room apartment in a condominium with park, parking, near a golf [..]

€ 75.000 (EUR)

Detached House Lombardia - Lanzo d'Intelvi
Rif. Lanzo D'intelvi fu
for sale

Lanzo d'Intelvi (CO) Detached House - Lombardia

A Lanzo d'Intelvi casa con giardino vicino a campo da golf [..]

€ 290.000 (EUR)

Detached House Lombardia - Lanzo d'Intelvi
Rif. Lanzo D'intelvi ca
for sale

Lanzo d'Intelvi (CO) Detached House - Lombardia

Renovated country house in Lanzo with land, near golf course for sale [..]

€ 180.000 (EUR)

Three-Family Villa and other Lombardia - Lanzo d'Intelvi
Rif. Lanzo D'intelvi
for sale

Lanzo d'Intelvi (CO) Three-Family Villa and other - Lombardia

House with three apartments, near golf field, in the countryside, land [..]

€ 490.000 (EUR)

Three Room Apartment Ticino - Lugano
for sale

Lugano (TI) Three Room Apartment - Ticino

For sale a bright apartment with terraces overlooking Lugano Lake Lugano [..]

₣ 530.000 (CHF)

Detached House Lombardia - Dubino
for sale

Dubino (SO) Detached House - Lombardia

Dubino, Valtellina, house in the village core with terraces [..]

€ 98.500 (EUR)

Cottage/Homestead/Country House Abruzzo - Montefino
Rif. Prezzo €. 190000
for sale

Montefino (TE) Cottage/Homestead/Country House - Abruzzo

Country cottage to renovate with land, with wonderful views. [..]

€ 190.000 (EUR)

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